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11 Dec 18
Company New factory in Cuba

After 25 years with presence in the Cuban market, supplying our products from our Spanish production plants, we have concluded the construction [...]

11 Sep 18
Company New factory and warehouse in Gran Canaria

Continuing with the expansion plan and infrastructure improvements in Spain, we are pleased to announce that Hotelsa Foodservice already has [...]

30 Nov 17
Products Milkplus, Ciomix machine

Milkplus is the product of a rigorous research and development process to obtain a freeze-dried milk that offers high performance while retaining all [...]

23 Jun 17
Products Toppings Magic Drinks

We present a new design, which not only improves its image, but also its safety and functionality.The new package of the Magic Drinks syrup has an [...]

07 Oct 16
Company New branch in Sri Lanka

True to our expansion plan, Hotelsa Foodservice opens a new branch office in Sri Lanka in early November. Thus, the company has fully entered into [...]

16 Aug 16
Company Hotelsa Foodservice obtains certification ISO 22000

Our Barcelona production centre has successfully completed the certification audits for the ISO-22000 quality management system, an international [...]

28 Oct 15
Company New branch in Andorra

True to our expansion plan, Hotelsa Foodservice opens a new branch office in Andorra in early November. Thus, the company has fully entered into the [...]

10 Apr 15
Company Opening of our next factory in the Mariel Zone

Hotelsa Alimentación, a Spanish Food Service Multinational, will be the first foreign company to build a factory in the new Special Economic [...]

05 Mar 15
Company Hotelsa Foodservice opens a new logistic center in Barcelona

Hotelsa Foodservice has completed the construction of some new industrial buildings near his factory on the Industrial park in Can Bas Barcelona. The [...]

16 Oct 14
Company TUI Holly 2014 award again at Hotel Villa Chiquita

Hotel Villa Chiquita Colonia de Sant Jordi - Majorca, part of the group of companies Hotelsa Foodservice, has been awarded once again by the largest [...]

27 Jun 14
Company Exphotel Cancún 2014

Hotelsa Mexico attended Exphotel Cancun 2014 featuring news, including flavored waters with ten products Tamarindo, Jamaica, Grape, Mango Taronja, [...]

05 May 14
Company 6th International Festival of Varadero Gourmet 2014

Continuing with our commitment and development in Cuba, we have been faithful in the 6th International Festival of Varadero Gourmet 2014, developed [...]

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